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Annual Reports

Our annual reports summarize and highlight the impact we have made from year to year. We continue to strive to expand our ability to actively engage with consumers who face various challenges, diligently working hand in hand with the consumer and the vendor/business to bring their concerns to the forefront with an view to resolution.

When you lodge a complaint with us we gain valuable insight into what is happening with consumers in the marketplace. Every complaint we receive takes us one step closer to achieving our goal of protecting and safeguarding your rights. Engaging you in dialogue ensures the continuity of our efforts in this area.

The feedback we receive from you and the wins we realize through the resolution of these issues serves a twofold purpose:

  • Fostering business and consumer confidence in the marketplace
  • The sustainability of  a regulatory framework that contributes to a competitive Bahamian economy


CPC 2016 Annual Report

CPC 2018 Annual Report 





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