Bahamas Bureau of Standards & Quality


The Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality was created by an Act of Parliament that officially established the Standards Act and the Weights & Measures Regime in February of 2008.

The Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality (BBSQ) is the institution chartered under the Ministry of Financial Services to help forge the country forward in the building of its national quality infrastructure (NQI). The Bureau is mandated to focus its attention on all aspects of metrology, standardization, testing, certification and quality assurance services of both public and private institutions and the regulatory framework within which they operate.

Pursuant to this mandate, it is the responsibility of the Bureau to ensure that all merchants and manufacturers are kept abreast with information regarding revisions of the standardization of products that enter the market.

The Bureau also plays a major role in the formulation, revision and implementation of the following pieces of legislation:

The BBSQ’s main functions include:

  1. Development and Revision of Standards: The Bureau is responsible for preparing and overseeing the adoption of quality standards at national, regional and international levels.
  2. Inspection and Testing of Goods and Services: It is the primary duty of the Bureau to test and inspect goods and services that are provided to consumers. In situation where the goods/services are found to be non-compliant with the set standards, the Bureau holds the authority to withdraw the license for sale and also to impose closure on the defaulter.
  3. Certification of Goods and Services: The Bureau holds the authority to inspect and certify goods and services entering the marketplace.
  4. Calibration Services: The Bureau offers calibration services required for measuring and recording equipment. The measuring apparatus that is approved by the Bureau is recognized nationwide and certified by the Bureau itself.
  5. Specialized Training: Besides conducting awareness seminars and workshops, the Bureau also conducts training programs for merchants and manufacturers. These can be carried out in groups for a particular company or on an individual basis depending upon the nature of study and requirements of the attendees.

In order to safeguard compliance with its own set standards, the Bureau has secured membership with the following international organizations:

  • CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality (CROSQ)
  • Pan American Standards Commission (COPANT)


For further information you may contact The BBSQ at:

Bahamas Bureau of Standards & Quality

Ministry of Financial Services
P.O. Box N-4843
Manx Corporate Centre
Tel: +1 242-328-5071 / +1 242-397-9900

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