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Dennis Williams

  • 28Sep2017
Dennis Williams



Dennis William’s career started at The Bahamas Electrical Company (BEC) where he was employed as an electrical technician apprentice in 1992 and later as a technician. While at the (BEC) he became active in the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union, the Line Staff Union. He was later elected President of the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union in 2002 and Vice President of the National Congress of Trade Union in 2004. Mr. Williams obtained a Legum Baccalaureus (Bachelor of Law) in 2010 and was then called to the England & Bahamas Bar in 2011. Mr. Williams is a legal Practitioner that specializes in Employment Law and General Civil Practice. He litigates on a wide scope of matters on behalf of disenfranchised citizens against large commercial institutions and public bodies.

Mr. Williams is married, an Anglican and has three sons.

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