Brian Evans

  • 21Dec2017

I hope this may be useful – and again heartfelt gratitude from one of your newest fans! 



Things had not been going well for me for some time but my world was recently turned upside down when I got some terrible treatment from a local bank. With no money and nowhere to turn, I thought I might as well tell my story to the folks at the Consumer Protection Commission, and see if there was anything that they might be able to do. The instant I entered the office I was warmly greeted by the receptionist, met Commissioner Mike Thompson and told him my story. They took copies of my supporting documentation and gave me their e-mail address so that I could elaborate on my circumstances. I honestly did not have high expectations but my spirit was buoyed by the compassion and professionalism shown to me by the Commission. The follow up was quick and within days the bank agreed to change their position! A small victory that was not possible without their help. This eventually led to a more significant position change by the bank and I was able to return to a somewhat stable existence. I highly recommend that people who find themselves backed into a corner with nowhere to turn should enlist the excellent assistance that the Consumer Protection Commission will offer. I am truly grateful for what they did for me when I was at one of the lowest points in my life. They are only a call or a visit or an e-mail away from being able to help you if you find yourself downtrodden and being treated unfairly.


Brian M. Evans

Excerpted from December 2017 Consumer Voice.


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