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Consumer Affairs Unit

The Consumer Affairs Unit falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour, National Insurance and Public Service. The unit oversees issues affecting the consumer as it relates to the buying and selling of goods and services.

As such it is responsible for monitoring and enforcing the following pieces of legislation:

  • The Price Control Act, 1971
  • The Rent Control Act, 1975
  • The Consumer Protection Act, 1976

In order to enhance its operational functionality the Consumer Affairs unit has established a dedicated unit that tackles these issues This specialized wing of the Bahamas Consumer Affairs Unit works on three pillars that the CPC was founded on. The unit is also responsible for the supervision of import and export of goods, setting standards, and also revamping and regulating all existing consumer laws and standards.The Consumer Affairs Unit is also responsible for implementing laws such as the Miscellaneous Controls Act, Control of Standards Act and the Weights and Standards Act, which primarily comes under the bureau of standards.The unit is charged with additional responsibilities of catering to consumer awareness needs, enforcing consumer legislation, and ensuring that the certified goods and services are checked periodically to ensure there is no lapse in quality, quantity or safety… view more

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