Consumer Health

Your health, safety and protection are issues of vital importance to us. Today there is an overwhelming proliferation of false information about miracle cures, medical products and services being peddled to eager unsuspecting buyers. As a result, consumers are often unknowingly ensnared into traps of buying misrepresented health products and services. One of the key goals of this commission is the education of consumers. When misrepresentation of products and services are discovered by the CPC, consumer alerts are updated on this site for your general education and benefit.

Health Product Scams

There are many reported cases of health scams and fitness programs that promise to deliver a better lifestyle for consumers, even claiming to instantaneously cure certain diseases. The most common scams are weight loss products, nutritional supplements, and miracle cures. Remember to always watch out for programs that promise instant results, but claim to require no hard work. While these products and service may offer some positive returns in the short run, they may have adverse effects on your body when you consider the big picture. Also, be aware that certain fat burners marketed for weight loss programs have the potential to adversely affect your liver. Additionally, you should know that some nutritional supplements can counteract with existing medications you may be taking. The best thing you can do is to consult with your doctor before embarking upon any new health program… view more

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