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Prescription Medicines

Prescription drugs are mainly available to consumers in two forms – branded and generic. While the branded medicines seem to offer a lot more promise, the generic drugs available could be just as effective. The only difference between branded and generic medicines is that generics have an expired patent which makes them available at lower costs. You should know that the generic medicines are just as effective as branded drugs, apart from the manufacturer name. Please discuss the benefits of both types with your doctor prior to making your decision.
Health Insurance

Be very careful to do your due diligence when considering buying health insurance. Sometimes these companies can be pretty aggressive in their sales pitches, however oftentimes when faced with a major health crisis; you may be surprised at the limitations to services you may have missed in the fine print. The best thing you can do before you invest in medical and health insurance is to conduct a thorough research of the options available to you. It is also a great idea to meet with a trusted insurance broker and consult with current and previous participants of the insurance program prior to signing up. Consider other opinions before you sign buy as well.

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