Consumer Responsibilities

As a consumer you must make every effort to educate yourself about your rights. You also have a responsibility to know the law and to search out the facts before buying. After making a purchase, it is also your responsibility to read and follow all product instructions or warnings, so as to keep yourself and your family safe. If you perceive breaches of the Consumer Protection Act, it is your responsibility to bring the issue to our attention. You can do this by simply filing a complaint with us. This helps us in our job of protecting your rights. Merchants, manufacturers and service providers are also required by law to make every effort to ensure that all rights of consumers are protected. Bearing this in mind, they should also take all the necessary steps within their span of control to mitigate the proliferation of false advertising and the misrepresentations of the products they bring to the marketplace.

It should also be clearly understood that it is the responsibility of the consumer and the merchant, manufacturer or service provider to notify the CPC of any misrepresentations and fraudulent activities you may become aware of. view more

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