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Know Your Rights

  • 1. Freedom to Express Your Grievances – You have the right to voice your expectations to the manufacturer, merchant or dealer and to pursue the resolution of any unresolved discrepancy
  • 2. Right to Privacy – As a consumer you are entitled to the right of privacy regarding your transactions
  • 3. Right to Truth in Advertisement – The right to truth in product representation is of utmost importance to your well-being as a consumer. You have the right to report any instances of falsification, of information in the advertisement of products and services, to the regulating authorities. It is also your right under law to pursue legal actions against any such revealed misrepresentation. You can begin this process by filing a complaint with the CPC regarding the agency or manufacturer which benefits from the false advertising.
  • 4. Right to Free Choice – Consumers have the freedom to buy products wherever, whenever and from whoever they choose.
  • 5. Right to a Healthy and Safe Environment – You have a right to live and work in an environment that does not threaten the security, welfare and safety of present and future generations. Additionally any perceived breech in product quality and environmental standards of production should be reported to the CPC immediately so as to ensure that necessary action may be taken against the manufacturer.
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