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Complaints from consumers serve a twofold process. Not only does your submission to the Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) serve you in your efforts to receive justice; registering your grievance goes a long way in helping us to detect new perpetrator patterns of fraud and abuse, to shut them down wherever possible.

If you feel that you are a victim of consumer fraud, or are you are dissatisfied with the purchase of a product or service and the matter remains unresolved, the CPC will aid you by mediating your grievance.

Start the process now. You are one click away from resolution:

  • Begin by gathering together and reviewing all paper work related to the purchase
  • Your documentation should include all relevant receipts, warranties, contracts and email correspondence
  • Tell us what happened in your own words
  • Be brief but also be concise with your explanation
  • Upload relevant documents (eg. Receipts in PDF or Jpeg file)
  • Complete and submit your complaint through our online e-complaint form
  • Please make copies of all of your documentation and secure them until we contact you regarding your particular issue.

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