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Ivy M. Bowe

  • 13Jan2020

I purchased a refrigerator from a well-known company in June of 2019. Four weeks after the refrigerator was delivered I noticed water settling along the door of the freezer section, and dripping from the area at the back under the light. I contacted the company, but it took several more phone calls before a technician was sent to check on the refrigerator. Afterwards, I was informed that parts were ordered and assured that as soon as they arrived the technician would return to replace the parts.

On September 24th 2019, I returned to the company requesting to see the manager, as the parts had still not been replaced. I was informed that the manager was not available but the next day the technician showed up to replace the parts. However, the problem was not solved.

I explained the situation to a friend and asked her if she knew the name of a good lawyer who could write a letter to the company on my behalf. Instead she advised me to contact the Consumer Protection Commission for assistance. I took her advice and was very satisfied with the professional, courteous service I received from the manager and staff. With their help I was able to receive a full refund.

I highly recommend the Consumer Protection Commission to any purchaser who has been treated unfairly in their business dealings with a vendor.

Ivy M. Bowe

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