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Our Stakeholders

Stakeholder collaboration is a critical component to meeting and exceeding your needs and expectations as a consumer. We earnestly believe in our slogan  “Consumer First” and we strive to nurture and build your confidence in us as a reliable recourse in your quest for conciliation and justice.

We therefore work diligently to forge cohesive, symbiotic relationships and to establish bilateral participation from all stakeholders in their related sectors.

You Are Our Chief Stakeholder

Everything we do is for you, the consumer.  Your rights are what we work so hard to sustain. When you keep the channels of communication open, the knowledge gained by partnering and collaboration creates a culture of mutual trust and leads to compliance by businesses with the established consumer laws.

Companies & Businesses

We are here to assist you in your efforts to make your company compliant with governing legislation. If you seek clarity on an issue ask our chairman. You can also find the valuable information you need regarding your business operations by reviewing these pieces of legislation.

Our Regulatory And Administrative Stakeholders

The following entities work hand in hand with us to implement and manage policies; assist government in their efforts to draft fair and equitable consumer legislation and to resolve disputes.

Consumer Affairs Unit

The Consumer Affairs Unit falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour, National Insurance and Public Service. The unit oversees issues affecting the consumer as it relates to the buying and selling of goods and services. As such it is responsible for monitoring and enforcing consumer legislation.


The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) which was established in 2009, is the regulatory authority with responsibility for the electronic communications sector (ECS) in The Bahamas. With its establishment, URCA effectively replaced the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and the Television Regulatory Authority (TRA).

Bahamas Bureau of Standards

The Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality (BBSQ) is the institution chartered under the Ministry of Financial Services to help forge the country forward in the building of its national quality infrastructure (NQI). The Bureau is mandated to focus its attention on all aspects of methodology, standardization, testing, certification and quality assurance services of both public and private institutions and the regulatory framework within which they operate.

DO YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS?  As a stakeholder you have every right to know.

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