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What You Should Know

How Am I Affected By Consumer Protection Laws?


Whether or not you know or understand the Consumer Protection Act and all related consumer laws, the fact remains that you are definitely affected by them. These laws govern purchasing transactions between buyer, seller and manufacturer and as such they come into play with each buying and or selling transaction you engage in. Furthermore, their main purpose is to protect you, the consumer.


Absence of knowledge of your basic rights and how the law serves to safeguard them can leave you vulnerable to consumer fraud. Bearing this in mind it is of utmost importance for you to make every effort to familiarize yourself with your rights as a consumer. Here’s what you need to know:

PDF1_Comsumer Protection – Everybodys Best Interest

Consumer Rights


You have a right to:

  • honest consumption in The Bahamas survey
  • Protection against the marketing, production and delivery of goods and services wsi
  • Free choice and open access to a variety of products and services at competitive prices
  • Be heard and to have your grievances dealt with in a just and timely manner
  • Receive value for money spent.
  • Information about your protection against fraudulent, deceitful or grossly misleading advertising, labeling, or other practices.


Consumer Responsibilities


The Bahamian Consumer plays an integral part in the enforcement of the consumer rights laws. It is your responsibility to educate yourself about your rights. After making a purchase, it is also your responsibility to read and follow any product instructions or warnings, so as to keep yourself and your family safe.


Consumer Health


Your consumer health, safety and protection are issues of vital importance to the Bahamian government. Today there is an overwhelming proliferation of false medical products and services being peddled to eager unsuspecting buyers. As a result, consumers are often unknowingly ensnared into the traps of buying misrepresented products.


Frequently Asked Questions about Consumer Protection


Your Identity is a valuable possession and you have every right to remain anonymous while conducting any purchase. While your first name might be required for billing purposes, details such as your phone number, social security number, email address and residential address are private, and no organization has the right to demand this information from you. Learn about some of the most frequently asked questions along with their answers respectively.




Learn more about new, emerging and active legislation Link to information on the latest Consumer Protection







About CPC – TEST
The Consumer Protection Act, that commenced on the July 1st , 2006 made provisions to establish the Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) of The Bahamas and for the functions and powers of that commission and related matters. The CPC is a statutory commission with reporting responsibility to the Minister of labour & national Insurance.The CPC is dedicated to defending and protecting the rights of all consumers. We are the Bahamas Consumer law “champions”, maintaining a constant vigil over regulatory processes to ensure that you understand your rights in the buying process. We also exist to provide you steps towards legal avenues for complaint mitigation and resolution if warranted. Our organization has three main areas of focus which involve:
• Service to the consumer community
• Regulation of services
• Protection of consumers

CPC Activities
The CPC actively promotes the establishment and maintenance of a transparent, simple and fair marketplace for consumers. In order to ensure transparency in buyer/seller transactions, we periodically conduct promotional activities and organize events in various localities to empower and educate buyers on their legal rights… view more
Feel free to get in touch with us or contact our chairman directly in the event you need assistance beyond this website



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