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Consumer Affairs Unit Functions

The Consumer Affairs Unit is essentially one of the drivers of the CPC with the following functions:

  1. An active medium for consumer grievance redressing
  2. A part of the bureau of standards
  3. Affixing prices and regulating the price control of essential commodities
  4. Import-Export License issuing authority
  5. Inspector of quality and standards of certified goods and services

Since the CPC and Bureau of standards effectively take care of issues such as Weights and Standards and inspection routines, the primary functions of the unit can be narrowed down to the implementation of the Miscellaneous Controls Act, Control of Standards Act besides handling  consumer complaint.

Functions under the Miscellaneous Controls Act:

  1. Enforcing strict compliance of merchants and dealers with the Price Control Act and ensuring there is not deterioration in the quality of certified products.
  2. Revising prices of items that are subject to the regulations of Price Control.
  3. Affixing of import and export standards and certifying goods based on the import and export licensing procedures

The Control of Standards Act is enforced primarily during the time of manufacture, transporting, and the time of selling.  Since third parties can shift goods during the transporting and retailing of goods, the unit carefully inspects the products for standards at these junctures. The three functions include:

  1. Inspection of goods at the premises of manufacturing for standards.
  2. Monitoring products at mass storage facilities and wholesale outlets.
  3. Inspection of goods at retail outlets such as malls, supermarkets and stores.

The Consumer Affairs Unit also works as a stable platform for consumer dispute settlement and creating awareness among consumers about the consumer rights and responsibilities.

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