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CPC Responsibilities

Responsibility to Research and Gather Information

As a consumer, it is your duty to do proper research and to gather information about the type of products you wish to purchase. It is also your responsibility make informed decisions when purchasing a product.

Responsibility of Awareness

As a consumer, it is your duty to be aware of the existing products in the market. You should also make every effort to appraise yourself regarding the safety and quality standards that they claim to fulfill. If and when you become aware of a irregular or inappropriate consumer situations it is your responsibility to report such situations to the CPC and or any relevant governmental institution. You should also immediately discontinue the use of the product or service.

Responsibility to Inform

It is also your obligation as a consumer to inform both the merchant and the CPC about your concerns and complaints. You also have a duty to warn fellow consumers in the event you find any product or service to be non- compliant with the quality and safety standards that have been set by the CPC and other related international organizations.

Responsibility to Preserve the Environment

Environmental sustainability is a huge concern for us all. Its safeguarding also relies heavily on your presence of mind to ensure that the environment is protected and preserved for future generations. You can do this by making every effort to follow to the letter the specific manufacturer’s environmental instructions outlined for the proper disposal of waste products after use.

Responsibility to Notify Authorities with Your Complaint

If any service or product does not meet the standards being advertised, has been misrepresented by a manufacturer or is being sold at excessive costs, it is the consumer’s responsibility to notify the CPC.

Misrepresentation and false advertising in the sale of products and service is considered a serious offense under the Consumer Protection Act. You have the responsibility to notify the governing legal body and the right to demand compensation from the offender.

Over pricing of goods and services is also considered a serious offense. We encourage you to make it your priority to check our pricing comparison tables to educate yourself about pther provider prices

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