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CPC History

The major departments are:

  • Conciliation: The Conciliation unit works to bring about speedy justice in an amicable manner.
  • Inspection: The Inspection Committee consists of a number of sub-departments that work to inspect the quality, safety, and standards of products and services that have been produced or distributed by merchants and other dealers.

Besides acting as an effective medium of control for quality, safety and pricing, the CPC also works in other areas such as trade dispute solving, trade unions, labor education, employment agencies and workmen’s compensation. The CPC has power to address all forms of trade disputes and other industry-related disputes since it is a fully fledged wing of the government that looks into all consumer related problems.

The CPC other primary functions include:

  • Prosecution of violators of the Price Control Act
  • Monitoring stores and shops on a random rotational basis
  • Inspection of merchant factories and stores at frequent intervals
  • Solving and delivering swift justice to consumer complaints
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