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Executive Director’s Christmas Message 2018

  • 28Dec2018


CPC Executive Director Christmas Message 2018


Christmas is a festive time of year, when we get together with family and friends in celebratory mode, and do lots of shopping.

Since joining the Commission in September of this year, I have not only gained an appreciation for the invaluable work of the dedicated staff here, but also the plight of vulnerable, basically due to a lack of knowledge, consumers in the marketplace.

As we are now in the busiest shopping season of the year, we urge all consumers to exercise all due diligence and vigilance in the marketplace. Please note that you are entitled to receive a receipt for every purchase made. A receipt is your proof of purchase, and sometimes as consumers we underestimate its importance. A registered business not providing one violates Chapter 23(1) of the Consumer Protection Act.

23(1) Where a consumer purchases goods or services from a provider, the provider shall give to the consumer a receipt showing –

  1. The amount paid by the consumer;
  2. The date on which the purchase is made or the service is rendered;
  3. A description of the goods sold or services rendered;
  4. The professional fees charged; and
  5. Such other information as the Minister may by regulations prescribe.


Consumers are urged to pay close attention to store’s refund and exchange policies when shopping. The right to be informed is a basic consumer right. No exchange policy should deprive a consumer of his/her right to choose. The consumer has the right to decide for himself whether he would accept an exchange item, store credit or have a cash refund. This is provided for in Chapter 27(1) of the Act.

Consumer Protection Act Chapter 27(1)

Subject to subsections (3) and (4), where a consumer is encouraged to acquire goods by the provider’s declaration and description of the goods and the consumer subsequently discovers that those goods are defective in a material particular from that intended to be purchased, the consumer may return the goods to the provider.

(2) The provider shall immediately offer to the consumer, in exchange for the returned goods, monetary compensation of the goods or such other amount as may be agreed between the consumer and the provider.

We urge consumers to know their rights as knowledge is a basic component of consumer protection. Please feel free to visit our offices located in the Teachers and Salaried Workers Credit Union Annex Building, East Street South; our website – www.cpcbahamas.org or our Facebook Page – Consumer Protection Commission Bahamas to become familiar with our services; make an online complaint and get a better appreciation of your rights as a consumer.

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year, from the staff of the Consumer Protection Commission.

Happy Holidays!



Ricardo P. Deveaux

Executive Director

Consumer Protection Commission

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