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Roslyn Williams

  • 21Dec2017
Roslyn Williams

“My name is Roslyn Williams, and I want to say a personal thank you to Commissioner Morris and the wonderful team at Consumer Protection Commission for a job well done.

During the month of August 2017, I went into an establishment to purchase uniform shirts for my son. He tried on the sample shirt and I purchased accordingly. However, when he opened one it was much bigger so I decided to go back to the store to make an exchange for a smaller size.

I did not think it would be a problem but it was! I was told I had to pay a 15% re-stocking fee if I wanted them exchanged. This did not make sense to me, but the manager refused to budge saying that it was the store’s policy. I was very frustrated that day for the way I was treated. Upon recommendation, I decided to contact Consumer Protection Commission.

I was asked to complete a formal report. This I did quite honestly, I never expected to receive a response but I did! Just a few days after submitting my application, Commissioner Morris contacted me to acknowledge receipt of my complaint against the company and informed me that as soon as the investigation was done he would get back to me.

In less than ten days, Commissioner Morris called me and asked what I preferred, the shirts exchanged or cash back. Of course, I no longer wanted to do business with the company, so I was directed to go into the store the next day and I received a full refund.

Thanks to Commissioner Morris, I got a positive outcome and was educated about my rights as a consumer. Again, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to Commissioner Morris and the entire staff at Consumer Protection Commission. Continue to do well for the public. We are indeed heading in the right direction. I know good things will happen in the future.”

Excerpted from December 2017 Consumer Voice.


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